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a little about the inspiration for white girl wasted

A little about the inspiration for white girl wasted
White girl wasted a product and counterpoint to the virgin-whore dichotomy offered to women. That dichotomy is reinforced by a culture that creates men obsessed with their own virility (or feared lack thereof) who feel threatened by women owning their sexuality while still containing a nurturing side. This seeming contradiction pushes both sides to into unsettled waters, often calmed by a drink.

People drink for a variety of reasons. I think more people than you realize could be classified as risky drinkers, using alcohol as a salve for daily problems that can snowball into a myriad of other issues associated with heavy drinking. WGW is as much an exploration of my own experiences as it is a societal critique of a culture that prioritises profits over people and the creation of consumers over citizens.

We are all needing beings. We need to learn how to be there for each other better.