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The Keep in Touch project is centered around 12 sensate focused exercises that build on each other from week to week. These exercises are mailed out on printed postcards to participants. Audio recordings will be online each week for ease of practice. For those willing to share, there will be a series of short surveys and video chats that dive deeper into the role physical contact and touch plays in everyday life and how this crisis has affected that contact.

First Cycle: Basic Centering
1) Touching your breath (Just Breathe)
2) Grasping (Holding on for Life)

Second Cycle: Self Touch
3) Caress (Caress Me Down)
4) Deep tissue pressure (Under Pressure)
5) Slap (Hit Me Baby One More Time)
6) Pressing against the floor (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor)
7) Pressing against the wall (Back Against the Wall)
8) Sensory deprivation burrito (Wrapped Around Your Finger)

Third Cycle: Body in Space
9) Sensory deprivation in room (I Keep My Eyes Closed)
10) Hugging/Wrapping an object (Hold Me Tight or Don’t)

Forth Cycle: Body in Motion Taking Up Space
11) Centering your body (Stuck in the Middle with You)
12) Stretching in all directions (Reach Out Touch Faith)