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Body | Mass | Absolution 2021: An Intention Year
New videos released each week using reflection as an act of communion, culminating in the consumption of the writing, a literal 'eating of my words' to nourish the body and permeate the cells.
I am starting this year by honoring and letting go of the last. If I never live a year like that again, it will be too soon. If not for myself, then for all of those lost and for those they left behind. It was a harsh reminder of the arbitrary cycle of life, the fragility of existence, and our society’s refusal to accept these terms let alone teach us how to live fully with them. We do not use our infinite capacity for language and expression to embrace impermanence, the constant state of flux, or the transience of life. Instead we hold on with all our might to ideals, timelines, and plans. To our ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’. And that what’s ‘fair’ only relates to our own sense of story and expectations.
We have spent generations imposing ourselves on the world. Then we are left aghast, heartbroken, and wailing when the world pushes back. Disasters happen. Civilizations fall. People die. Let this be the year when this state of impermanence, flux, transience, is embraced, honored, and openly talked about.
This past year taught me to put faith back where it has been proven worthy: in humanity’s capacity to adapt. This year will be as much about centering in my own skin as reconnecting with my science as religion roots - finding the sinewy throughline that connects our experience across ages and the blip in evolution that is our consciousness.