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A not so comprehensive and certainly not in order list of the dumb and potentially dangerous things I have done while drinking

A not so comrehensive and certainly not in order list of the dumb and potentially dangerous things I have done while drinking
Walked off the peninsula in a snowstorm at midnight while keeping an eye out for snowplows to a boy’s house
Walked through the park after 1am on multiple occasions including after the start of the opioid crisis to that same boy’s house
Slipped off a dock and permanently damaged my knee
Had a one night stand (more than once)
Invited strangers to my place to party and sometimes do drugs (more than one place)
Not remembered the details of the night before (sadly common occurrence for a few months)
Messaged my ex (more than one)
Traded shall we say ‘suggestive’ messages and pictures with my ex (more than one)
Messaged the wrong person
Sent desperate text messages to friends about depression and self loathing
Thrown up over the side of my bed and cleaned it up in the morning
Lost my purse on the walk home
Traded numbers with people I never wanted to hear from again
Gotten into cars with clearly inhibited people
Swiped glassware from bars
Smuggled drinks out of bars
Thrown up next to a bonfire in a field
Slept with someone while dating someone else
Hailed cabs at 2am while stumbling around barely coherent
Smoked enough cigarettes to hurt my lungs the next morning
Had thresomes (more than one)
Let partners use my body however they wanted no matter how bad it felt
Forgot my ex had keys and found me passed out next to my current bf
Been on the receiving end of violent actions by partners
Been flipped off my own mattress by an angry boyfriend
Been called a bitch, cunt, whore by a boyfriend who bare knuckle punched framed photographs before the cops were called after a night of heavy drinking
Passed out crying on the deck of a favorite bar
Had to be carried home on more than one occasion by my best friend
Made out with my girlfriends unabashedly in public
Woken up with bruises from falling or being caught falling
Sang bad karaoke
Been videoed singing badly while dancing around in my underwear