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selfies as affirmation

Selfies as Affirmation
I am fascinated by selfies and how they are constantly being studied by social psychologists trying to figure out what our relationships are to these images and what implications that has for our society. It’s everything from being vapidly ego driven to deep self care. It’s a curated presentation of self to the world and an unflinching look as people’s lives. Not everyone has mastered the instagram filter. And those honest untouched photos are just as beautiful and meaning rich as those from polished ‘influencers’.
There is something to be said for drunk selfies. While I don’t post my own (I live a highly curated life online) you might see them actually printed and framed on the walls in my home. Alcohol has a way of fully breaking down barriers that the camera captures. A drunk selfie reveals so much. You can see all the pain or joy on a person’s face. You can also tell when someone has had too much, their eyes glaze is such a specific way that you can tell their brain flipped a switch. Micro expressions are everywhere.
But I love the honest joy I see on the faces of so many of my female friends when they’re tipsy. The pressures of life melt away for a short period of time and they are truly happy, in the moment, hearts exploding with love.
The question is how to get them there without alcohol in the first place.